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Group Photo at a Party

About Us

Our Story

     Our names are Salvatore and Sandra and we officially started our first entertainment business right after getting married. We proudly invested and managed into bringing G Sounds Entertainment to life. This was a full-service DJ business that included audio and lighting services as well as a photo booth. After dedicating so many years to this business, we made the decision to focus solemnly on the photo booth service. We both felt that we wanted to become more involved with the event we were servicing. Not only did Sal want to just play music for the crowd but he wanted to be more interactive with the guests. With his background of photography skills and my creative mind and our professionalism, we both realized that the photo booth is where we truly belong. We only have one mission and that is, TO HAVE FUN. We knew that we can make a difference and ensure that the guests will have an awesome and unique experience when they stop at our photo booth. 

This newfound Passion has become a big part of our lives without us even noticing. Aside from our full-time jobs, our photo booth has allowed us to show our creativity in ways that we didn’t think of. We can incorporate it into any event and occasion, making it feel perfect for creating everlasting memories.

Meet The Team

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